A Birth Certificate registration in Bangladesh 2024 – A Detailed Guide


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A birth certificate registration in Bangladesh  one of the most important legal documents a person can possess in Bangladesh. It serves as proof of your identity, citizenship, age, and parentage. A birth certificate is required for many purposes – applying for a passport, national ID card, school admission, jobs, bank accounts and more. However, many people in Bangladesh do not have a proper birth certificate, especially those from rural areas or born at home. This comprehensive guide explains everything you need to know about obtaining a birth certificate in BangladeshPicture1

What is a Birth Certificate  and Why is it Important?

A birth certificate is an official document that records the date, time and place of a person’s birth. It contains identifying information about the child including full name, gender, date of birth, place of birth, parents’ names and residential address. It serves as legal proof of a person’s identity and age.
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Having a birth certificate is very important in Bangladesh for several reasons:
  • Proof of citizenship: A birth certificate helps prove a person’s Bangladeshi citizenship and nationality, which is required for obtaining a passport, NID card, and enjoying various rights and privileges.
  • School admission: Children need to submit a birth certificate when enrolling in schools in Bangladesh as proof of age and identity.
  • Employment: Many employers require a copy of the birth certificate when hiring to verify the candidate’s identity and age.
  • Public services: Birth certificates make it easier to obtain subsidized food, healthcare, microcredit and other social services in Bangladesh.
  • Inheritance and property rights: A birth certificate helps establish inheritance and property ownership rights.
Despite its importance, UNICEF estimates that over 40% of Bangladeshi children under age 5 do not have their births registered, and hence do not possess a proper birth certificate.

When Should You Apply for a Birth Certificate in Bangladesh?

Ideally, parents should register the birth and obtain a birth certificate immediately after their child’s birth or within 1-2 months. The Birth and Death Registration Act in Bangladesh makes it compulsory to report births within 45 days. However, many parents in Bangladesh fail to do so due to lack of awareness, complex procedures, or inability to reach government offices. As a result, their children grow up without a birth certificate. If you or your child do not have a birth certificate, you can apply for one at any age. However, late registration often requires additional supporting documents and affidavits. The process also gets longer and more complicated as you wait. So, it is strongly recommended to obtain a birth certificate as early as possible.How to Unlock Facebook Account 2023-New Update (100% working)

Eligibility Criteria for a Birth Certificate in Bangladesh

The key requirements to be eligible for a birth certificate in Bangladesh are:
  • The birth took place within the territory of Bangladesh.
  • You can provide documents supporting the exact birth date and parents’ identity.
  • An authorized medical practitioner attended the birth and can certify it.
  • The birth is not already registered in the country.
Overseas births of Bangladeshi citizens are not issued birth certificates in Bangladesh. They need to obtain a birth certificate from the country of birth.

A Birth Certificate registration in Bangladesh

  1. Visit Online Birth Registration Website :https://bdris.gov.bd/br/application
Go to the government’s online birth registration website www.bris.gov.bd. Click on “New Application” to start the process. birth certificate registration 2024
  1. Select Address for Verification
Choose either your permanent address or present address for verification purposes during certificate delivery.
  1. Fill the Online Application Form
Provide the child’s full name, gender, date of birth, place of birth, parents’ details and present address. Double check for accuracy before submitting.
  1. Print the Submitted Application
After online submission, print out a copy of the filled application form.
  1. Attach Supporting Documents
Collect the required supporting documents and attach them with the printed application form.
  1. Submit to Ward Office
Submit the form and documents to the ward office in the jurisdiction area of your address.
  1. Collect Birth Certificate
You will receive the birth certificate within 15 days at your chosen address. Documents Required The documents required for obtaining a birth certificate in Bangladesh are: For children below 5 years:
  • Attested copy of EPI (vaccination) card
  • Attested copy of hospital birth certificate
  • Other supporting documents if available
For children above 5 years:
  • Medical age certification from an MBBS doctor
  • Clearance certificate from Ward Chairman
  • School certificate
  • Parent’s ID cards and birth certificates
Additional documents may be needed for late registrations done long after birth. Cost for Obtaining a Birth Certificate registration in Bangladesh The official fees for obtaining a birth certificate in Bangladesh are:
  • Birth Registration Fee: Tk 20 (at Union Parishad)
  • Birth Certificate Fee: Tk 30 (at Upazila)
  • Additional charges may apply at some offices
So, the total cost comes to around Tk 50-70 based on office. Fees may be waived for families below the poverty threshold.
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How to Check Birth Certificate Application Status?

To check the status of your birth certificate application, you need to personally visit the Upazila Parishad office after 7 working days. The computerized database is not accessible online for tracking status. Bring your birth registration receipt and enquire at the certificate issuance desk. If your birth certificate is ready, verify all details immediately for accuracy before leaving the office. Validity and Renewal of Birth Certificates registration in Bangladesh Birth certificates issued by the proper authorities in Bangladesh do not have any official expiry date or need renewal. They remain valid permanently throughout the lifespan of the person. The details in the birth certificate like parent’s names also remain unchanged. However, you can apply for additions or corrections in case of errors. These need supporting documents and court affidavits.

How to Make Changes to the Birth Certificate

You may need to make changes to the birth certificate in certain situations, such as:
  • Spelling errors in applicant’s or parents’ names
  • Changes in residence or parents’ address
  • Addition of missed details
To make changes, visit the Upazila Parishad office and submit the following:
  • Application requesting changes
  • Original birth certificate
  • Supporting documents like NID card, affidavit, marriage certificate etc.
  • Processing fee
The Upazila will verify the application and issue an updated birth certificate within 7 working days if approved.

What to Do if Birth Certificate is Lost or Damaged

If your original birth certificate is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, you can obtain a duplicate certificate by following these steps:
  1. File a General Diary (GD) at the local police station reporting the loss.
  2. Apply for a duplicate birth certificate at the Upazila Parishad office.
  3. Submit the GD copy, photocopies of NID cards, and processing fee.
  4. The office will issue a duplicate within 7 working days.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I apply for a birth certificate as an adult in Bangladesh?

A: Yes, there is no maximum age limit for applying for a birth certificate in Bangladesh. Adults can also register their birth and obtain a certificate. Q: How do I register the birth of a child born at home? A: You will need an affidavit from the attending midwife or neighbhour witnessing the home birth along with parents’ IDs.

Q: Can I obtain my birth certificate online or via post in Bangladesh?

A: No, physical presence is required for birth registration and certificate collection from the local government offices. Q: Does a birth certificate expire and need renewal in Bangladesh? A: No, a birth certificate issued by proper authority remains valid for life without needing any renewal.

Q: What documents can substitute for a birth certificate in Bangladesh?

A: In some cases, documents like national ID card, passport, or school certificate may be accepted instead of a birth certificate. Conclusion A birth certificate is an essential identity document in Bangladesh. By following the procedures outlined in this article, you can obtain a birth certificate for yourself or your child. Be sure to apply early, verify all details, and keep the certificate safe. Having a birth certificate makes accessing rights and services much easier throughout life.

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