Facebook Account Security -One Setting Your Facebook Account No Risk

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Facebook Account Security -One Setting Your Facebook Account No Risk.

Hi Everyone Wellcome to Our New Trick. This trick is very Important For all Facebook Users. Now a days Facebook Users face Many problem For there account Security. In this cause I share Facebook Security Setting thats Very Help To kepp Your Account Security. Sometimes we Face many Problem For account. this main Reason for Account Security. Facebook Recently Update Setting for Facebook Account Security. If you active this Setting Your Facebook Account No Risk. But If you Don’t Active This setting you must be Follow and Activate This Setting.

We Know That Facebook is one of The Powerful Social Mrdia. There We share Our Picture and Share Our Emotion. There have Our Many Friends and Relative. So,We share Our Private many Talks in Messenger. but When Your Account Risk your all Private Talks are Risk. So,This Trick I share How Fix This Problem one setting You can Do this easily and No Risk Your Talks or Information.

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Also We know Facebook Two Factor Authentication. This Main Meaning When You Login Your Facebook account Other Device Your Phone Number Get a OTP Then When You Replace This Code You Can Login but If You Don’t Replace This Code You aren’t Login Your Account Other Device. so,This Setting is very Important For Facebook Security.

Facebook Security Setting Setups :
Facebook Login Your Account And Then Go to Setting Option.
Then You See “Password and Security Setting ” You Click Now.
Then You see” two-factor Authentication “Click here and See Phone Number Add Option. You add Your Phone There You Get OTP. (when any Person Try to login)Your Provide Your Facebook Password For Save This Setting. Now You Finally Active This Setting.
At this Time Your Facebook account No Risk.

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