Google new feature Update to find lost Android phones

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Google new feature Update to find lost Android phones

Losing or stealing a phone may have happened to many. The only way to find a lost phone or a stolen phone was to track the IMEI of the phone and find the specified location. However, this process could only be done by administrative people. But this time Google will bring a new feature to solve this problem which will be updated soon.

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However, this process has been set up by most phone companies. One of them is Samsung. This feature has been introduced in Samsung phones. However, this feature will only work if you have to make some settings. Google has announced that this feature will be launched in all phones like Samsung very soon.

How does this feature work?
There is a tracker in the middle of this feature and you have to give two phone numbers in the settings of this feature. As a result, when someone enters a SIM in this phone or Gmail, then the two phone numbers / Gmail will automatically come to the two numbers given by you. As a result, the thief can be easily identified.

How to turn on this feature?
Not all of our phones have this feature updated yet but only Samsung phones can now set this feature.

First you go to Your Phone Setting and Search FIND MY PHONE. You see a Features Open You First Creat a Samsung Account Then Login This Setting. and You See For Phone Number add Option. then You Add Your Phone Number. Which Phone Number You Get SMS. if Your Phone Are Stealing. Finally This Setting DONE.

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