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Google New Feature Update Today

Google is the largest tech company in the world. It’s called the tech giant. Every year Google introduces new features to their customers. To give new features to their customers, Google has given a great feature update.

This feature is very important for everyone. All the files of Google Drive can be seen without any internet. Users can view their documents if they wish

. In this case no internet connection will be required.
In a recent blog post, Google announced the feature.
In addition to personal documents such as video, audio, PAN card, voter card or driving license, PDF files of office work, important and favorite pictures we usually keep in Google Drive. Google Drive is a trusted organization’s tool for storing these. So more or less everyone now saves their own files in Google Drive.

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However, Google has been running a trial of this new technology since 2019. Almost many customers took part in the trial. After the successful completion of that trial, this time this technology has been brought for the common people. As a result, the users will benefit a lot.

Users are satisfied with this new Setting of Google. People’s trust in Google is growing day by day to provide such excellent feature updates.

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