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    Gp Internet Offer 2023 – All New Update Code

    Do you have a smartphone? You want to enjoy Internet browsing. You have a Grameenphone SIM? There is a 4G connection available. But you don’t know how many GP Internet offer are available here. or you don’t know how to activate your Internet package by dialing code. So, don’t worry. In this tutorial, I describe the GP Internet Package 2023 Update Code. That’s a lot of Mb that you can offer to active Grameenphone regulars and special customers. So, let’s see how to activate this Internet pack.Gp internet offer

    Gp Internet Package

    Today i Describe Gp Mb Offer. That’s Including Gp 30 days Internet Offer. Gp 7 days Internet Offer. Gp 3 days Internet Offer, Gp Unlimited Internet Offer, Gp Bundles Offer, Gp Free Internet Offer, Gp Daily GB Pack and Gp 15 days Internet Offer ETC.

    Free Internet 2023 -GP, Robi, Banglalink, Teletalk, and Airtel

    Gp Internet Offer Update Code:

    This Box I Provide Gp Unlimited Internet Offer Activation Code. This Offer Can Taken All Grameenphone User’s. No Limitation.

    23TK -2h Unlimited Active By Dial *121*3309#
    34Tk -3H UnlimitedActive By Dial *121*3312#
    99TK-Daily Unlimited DataActive By Dial -*121*6*6*4#

    Gp Unlimited Validity Internet Code:

    5GB 449 TKActive By My GP
    15GB 549TKActive By MY GP
    40GB-1199TKActive By MY GP


    Gp 3 Days Internet Offer Code

    Here Including Gp internet offer for 3 days That 2TK- 100TK 3 days Validity Internet Package Code. Grameenphone Best Internet Pack Here.

    Gp 1GB Free Internet Offer – Today Grameenphone Update

    5MB- 2.62TKActive By Dial *121*3002#
    350MB -33TKActive by Dial *121*3083#
    1GB-38TKActive By *121*3*1*2*1#
    1GB-38TKActive By *121*3*1*2*1#
    1GB-19TKActive By *121*3134#
    2GB-32TKActive By *121*3135#
    3GB-41TKActive By *121*3136#
    2GB-54TKActive By *121*3242#
    3GB-58TKActive By *121*3307#
    3GB-69TKActive By *121*3282#
    3.5GB-76TKActive By *121*3060#
    5GB-84TKActive By *121*3*1*2*5#
    6GB -83TKActive by Dial *121*3331#
    6GB-78TK- SpecialActive By *121*5640#
    8GB-89TKActive By *121*3299#
    10GB-98TKActive By *121*3346#
    Daily 2GB-83TKActive By *121*3331#


    Gp  Internet Offer 7 days Code

    20Tk-200TK Prices All New Gp Internet Offer & Package  List Here. Some Offer for Special and Some Regular Customers.

    6GB -118TKActive By Dial *121*3434#
    1GB -89TKActive by Dial *121*3056#
    4GB-108TKActive By *121*3344#
    8GB-148TKActive By *121*3262#
    12GB-198TKActive By *121*3133#
    17GB-179TKActive By *121*3359#
    85MB-38TKActive By *121*3004#
    Unlimited Facebook -6.28TKActive By *121*3023#
    1GB-19TK(special)Active By *121*5536#
    6GB-129TKActive By *121*3329#
    10GB-148TKActive By *121*3262#
    15GB-179TKActive By *121*3359#
    7GB-134TKActive By *121*3308#
    14GB-164TKActive By *121*3332#
    13GB-155TKActive By *121*5598#
    20GB-197TKActive By *121*3286#
    20GB-177TKActive By *121*5643#
    14GB-139TKActive By *121*5645#
    25GB-177TKActive By *121*5643#
    6GB-129TKActive By *121*3329#
    15GB-159TKActive By *121*3359#
    22GB-159TKActive By *121*3359#
    7GB-129TKActive By *121*3329#
    14GB-129TKActive By *121*5528#
    1GB-35TKActive By *121*5038#
    3GBGB-114TKActive By My GP

    Gp Free Internet Offer Code

    Here Include Some Gp Free Internet offer Code. That’s Offers are Enjoy Special and Regular 4G Customers.

    Gp Daily 250MB Free Internet Offer 2023 (Hot offer)

    1GB -300MB -00BDTClaim Now

    Gp 30 Days Internet Package Code

    There Include  30 days Gp Internet Offer List. All Update Pack Here with Activate Code. Grameenphone 4G + 3G Network Enjoyable.

    10GB-348TKActive By “MY GP”
    15GB -398TKActive By Dial *121*3334#
    5GB -299TKActive by Dial *121*3458#
    30GB-499TKActive By *121*3435#
    30GB-399TKActive By *121*3090#
    45GB-497TKActive By *121*3319#
    50GB-5997TKActive By “My GP”
    60GB-598TKActive By *121*3099#
    60GB-698TKActive By *121*3248#
    160GB-999TKActive By ” MY GP”
    90GB-749TKActive By *121*3320#
    8GB-348TKActive By *121*3379#
    20GB -448TKActive By Dial *121*3442#
    5GB -299TKActive by Dial *121*3458#
    60GB-999TKActive By *121*3436#
    60GB-698TKActive By *121*3248#
    100GB-1499TKActive By *121*3437#
    200GB -1999TKActive By Dial *121*3438#
    1GB -189TKActive by Dial *121*3390#
    60GB-999TKActive By *121*3436#
    1.5GB-247TKActive By *121*3027#
    100GB-1499TKActive By *121*3437#
    3GB -289TKActive By Dial *121*3391#
    5GB -399TKActive by Dial *121*3392#
    15GB-649TKActive By *121*3393#
    90GB-749TKActive By *121*3320#
    60GB-598TKActive By *121*3099#
    50GB-517TKActive By *121*3351#
    18GB-398TKActive By “MY GP”

    Gp Recharge Internet Package List

    Every Grameenphone User’s Enjoy This” GP PL ” Gp Mb Offer . This Pack Price 35TK to 1000TK . Validity 3 days to 30 days. and Activation by Recharge.

    1GB -3daysRecharge 38BDT
    2GB -3DaysRecharge -57BDT
    3GB- daysRecharge 58BDT
    3.5GB -3daysRecharge 69BDT
    6GB -3 daysRecharge 83BDT
    8GB – daysRecharge 89BDT
    5GB -3daysRecharge 84BDT
    11GB -3daysRecharge 98BDT
    4GB -7 daysRecharge 114TK
    6GB-7daysRecharge 129BDT
    7GB- 7daysRecharge 134BDT
    18GB -7daysRecharge 179BDT
    20GB -7daysRecharge 197BDT
    18GB -30 daysRecharge 398TK
    30GB-30daysRecharge 399BDT
    45GB- 30daysRecharge 497BDT
    70GB -30daysRecharge 598BDT
    45GB -30daysRecharge 599BDT

    Gp  1GB Internet offer  Code ( special) 

    Here All Gp Internet Package  for Special Customers. 3G+4G Network.

    1GB -11Tk for 7daysDial *121*5450#
    1GB -12TK for 7DaysDial *121*5233#
    1GB -17TK for 7daysDial *121*1111#
    1GBGB -18TK for 7days*121*3234#
    1GB 21TK for 7 daysdial *121*5097#

    Internet Package Terms and conditions :

    • This all Internet Package for Only Grameenphone
    • 3G+4G Network Enjoyable
    • Some Package for Special Customers and Some pack for Regular User’s.
    • All Internet Package Validity Renewable.
    • Internet Package can Active By Different SSD Code. or Available MY GP App.
    • If you want To Cancel This Internet Pack You dial *121#
    • Grameenphone Special Internet Offer Check Dial *121*5#
    • Gp Internet Offer Balance Check for Dial *121*1*4#

    How To Set Up Gp Internet Setting 4G :

    • Go to Your Phone Setting. Now Click on “Network Setting “.
    • Then Click on ” Sim & Network “. Then Click “Access Point Name “.
    • Now Click ” Plus Icon ” Then You see Configure page.
    • Name “GP INTERNET” APN ” gpinternet” and Save This. Now Enable This Configure and Enjoy Grameenphone 4G Network.

    Why Grameenphone is The Best?

    • There Internet and Calling Service Very Fast for There Cause Grameenphone Is The Best Choice for User’s.
    • How do I check my Grameenphone internet offer?
    • If you want To Check Your Personal Gp Internet Offer. So,You Dial *121*5# and See Your Special Internet Package.

    How do I find my GP number?

    • Getting Your GP Number Your Need To Dial *2# or Open MY GP App.

    What is Grameenphone Customer Care Phone Number?

    • Grameenphone Public Customer Care Number 121

    Final Word :
    Today In This Tutorial I Fully Share All Gp Internet Offer Update Code 2023. There all Internet Package can Active by Code. If This Tutorial is Helpful for You. Please Share With Friends .. Thank You

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