Guccho result published today – Preliminary results

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Guccho result published today – Preliminary results

When the world is in the grip of the epidemic corona then the Gucco of university exams are back. After many speculations, the initial application of the cluster level has been completed but the results have not been published yet. But this time the Guccho result of the cluster level will be released today. Munaj Ahmed Noor.

The decision was taken at a meeting of the vice-chancellors of Guccho University on Saturday night. It is said that the results of the preliminary application will be released on August 22. The application process for the final stage of the students in the relevant list will start from September 1.

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The preliminary results of this year’s admission for a total of 20 general and science technology Guccho resultĀ  stages will be released today. At this time, he said – only those who will be selected in the initial stage will receive an SMS on their mobile and the final application will start from September 1. Admission test will start soon at the end of the final stage. Exams will be taken in bunch free universities.

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