How To Get Free USA Number Lifetime (Google Voice)

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In This Tutorial i am Going to Share You That how to Get Free USA Number for Lifetime. That’s means you got a us Phone Number for Lifetime Activation. But Many Tools are Available for Claim us Permanent Number. There is one Google Voice. Google Voice is US Number. That’s You Got Permanent and use any Verification. Now Let’s see how to get Google Voice Free 2022 Trick.

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What’s is Google Voice?
Google voice is a google Number Company. There available Only USA Phone Number. Google Voice Number Free but it any People Claim a US Number your Need a Reall USA Phone for Verified Your Voice Number. So,Google Voice Number is Backups for US Reall Number. Get SMS, Call,and all Text Verify can Do This Google Voice.

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If YOU are Asian or Other Devision -you want to Got USA Phone Number For Lifetime you need a US Number for Verify. But No Problem. I share how to Get USA Phone Free For Lifetime. That’s you can Verify All Process. Create Account by US Number, Verify by US Number also. Now see how to Claim Google Voice Free.

How To Got or Claim Google Voice (US Number) :

  • First Of All You Connect a VPN (US Location).
  • Now open a Browser and Search Here “GOOGLE VOICE” or Click Here.
  • You see Home Page Top Corner “Sign in” Click Now. (but Ensure it you Must be Connect VPN us Location)
  • Now Add a Gmail Account if your Browser are not added Gmail. Automatic Sign UP.
  • Now Click “Continue “and See a New page. There Top Corner see ” setting “Click here. Now Click “Get a Number ” and see New page here You Select “any city’s ” and see “Number ” Select “Number “and Click ” Verify “
  • There Your need a US Number for Verify This Number. Now” click here  ” and “Select ” usa Number for Verify Google Voice. Copy This Number and Paste” Google Voice Page” and Click “sent code “
  • Now Again open This site here you copy This Number. (but don’t Reload this page). Here you see “6digit code ” Copy This and paste “Google Voice page “. Now click Verify.
  • Finally you got successful ” Google Voice Number “.Now This Number you can use any Purpose.

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