Microsoft Windows 11 upgrade on PC from October 11

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Microsoft Windows 11 upgrade on PC from October 11

Although there is a lot of longing for Windows 11, it will finally be updated on PC from October. Microsoft said that Windows 10 users will be able to update for free on PC. However, if anyone wants to buy Windows 11 pre-loaded hardware can setup.Microsoft Windows 11 Upgrade Now. 

In a recent blog post, Aaron Woodman, General Manager of Microsoft, said, “We will try to give Windows 11 the maximum benefit from what we have given.” Windows 11 is already coming from October 5. However, it will take time until 2022 to gradually make it useful in all PCs. Windows 11 will be able to update some PC users from October 5, but all will be useful by the 22nd.

Users will be able to update Windows 11 from October 5. You can find out if your PC is a Windows 11 update through Microsoft’s dedicated PC Health Check app. As mentioned with Windows 11 – it will support Android App. It will have all the features of the mobile But it will not be before 2022 Microsoft will launch this feature by bringing all 10 updated PCs under 11.

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Last week, Microsoft clarified what could be the system requirements for Windows 11. Those who do not have the ability, they can get Windows 11, the company has shown the way. Alternatively you will need one GHz processor of two or more 64 bits, you will need four gigabytes of RAM. Storage should be 64 GB and TPM 1.2 chip. Then you can install Windows 11 in ISO process.

Those whose PCs do not come under Windows 11 have no problem. Because Windows 10 will support until 2025, according to Microsoft.


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