Most Effective Ways to Transform Images into Text Files

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Converting images into text files is sometimes essential for students, job holders, and even freelancers as they have to get the written data from images. For example, usually, students don’t purchase subscriptions for journals or purchase books for research purposes, so most of the time, they get view-only files. Copying all the data or chunks can take a lot of time that students can’t afford to waste. Similarly, freelancers working in the data entry field may also need to manually write down all the data written in the images, which is quite a hectic task.

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Is there any solution? Yes, it is. Convert image to text files. Transforming images into text was a complicated task a few years ago, but the experts have made it simpler than ever. It doesn’t matter whether you want to convert JPG or PNG files into DOC files; you can easily do it within a few moments. 

This article will introduce you to different ways to convert images into text. But before discussing those methods, let’s look at the benefits of converting images to text.

  • This method is relatively cost-effective for those who want to get data from multiple image files.
  • It also saves a lot of storage space that those image files occupy.
  • Converting images to text can save a lot of your time.
  • Image to text transformation provides more accurate results.

Come to the actual topic!

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Effective Ways to Transform Images into Text

Here are the ways that you can use to convert image to text.

Use Online Image to Text Converters

Using a picture to text converter is one of the easiest ways to transform your files and get all the written data in the docs or notepad file. You can convert multiple files in the minimum time possible using an image to text converter. Once you extract the text, you can use it for any purpose. Let’s see how simpler the whole process is.

Steps to Convert Image to Text Using Converters

  • Find a dependable online image to text converter
  • Upload JPG or PNG files containing the written data
  • Press the “convert to text” button
  • Your converted doc file will be ready to download within a few seconds
  • Press the download button 
  • Your text file will be downloaded to your system

Try Google Docs

Image converters are very accurate and dependable when it comes to extracting text from image files. However, it is not the only way used for this purpose. Google Docs is also a good option for that. This utility is commonly used for file creation and sharing with teammates because of its distinctive features. But not many people know that this tool can also be used as a text extractor from images.

Steps to Extract Data with Google Docs

  • Open Google Docs
  • Go on the “file upload” option
  • Once the image is uploaded, right-click on the image and go on the “open with”
  • Select Google Docs, and your data will be derived from the Docs file

Download Converter Software

The internet is full of converter that allows users to convert files to other formats, including PDF, Doc, JPG, etc. If you don’t want to try Google Docs or online converters, you can download any reliable software and get help from it. The process of extracting data from those software converters is similar to the online converters. However, the problem with using software is that they take a lot of space in your systems. On the other hand, they allow you to convert files into multiple formats as well.

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Steps to Convert Images to Text files with software

  • Select your file format and the format in which you want it to convert
  • Upload your file
  • Press the “convert” button and wait for a few seconds
  • Your converted file is ready


Try Browsers’ Extensions

Using browser extensions is another way to make your work a bit easier as they are also very helpful in obtaining the text from images. Many people don’t prefer installing heavy software on their desktops, so these extensions come in handy for them. In addition, these extensions are always smaller and offer the same benefits as software tools. So, you can rely on them as they won’t slow down your system.

Steps to Extract Text from Images

  • Find and download a good extension
  • Open that extension and upload the images
  • Fill out the captcha and click on the convert button
  • Your file is converted

Mobile Applications

If you have the images in your mobile phone or tab and want to extract data from them. You don’t need to use complicated methods that are more feasible on desktops. Android and iOS applications provide you with a better solution that can help you in the process. Those applications are also as reliable as other methods. They only have one downside, if you don’t need them regularly, you cannot easily edit the extracted text. That’s why many people prefer to use desktops for deriving data from images.

Steps to Convert Image to Text Files with Application

  • Download any reliable application with good reviews and better rating
  • The other steps are almost identical to online converting tools

Concluding Lines

All the methods mentioned in this article that can extract data from images are beneficial for users. However, not every method is suitable for everyone. If you are looking for the best solution, you should know your requirements and choose the way according to it.

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