Soracom M2M loT sim cards


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Soracom M2M SIM cards offer optimized connectivity for Internet of Things devices across global networks. For IoT deployments, these SIMs provide benefits like flexible data plans, enhanced security, and remote management.Soracom M2M loT sim cards

Why do you use the Soracom M2M IoT SIM?

Here are some key reasons why using Soracom M2M IoT SIM cards can be beneficial:

  • Global Connectivity:Soracom SIMs provide seamless cellular connectivity across hundreds of country networks. This simplifies deploying IoT devices internationally without having to negotiate local contracts.
  • Flexibility: Usage-based billing allows you to only pay for the data and SMS your devices actually use. You can change plans remotely at any time as your needs evolve.
  • Scalability: Soracom’s architecture makes it easy to connect thousands or even millions of devices by handling much of the complexity behind the scenes.
  • Security : Cellular connectivity keeps devices isolated from the public internet. Soracom also provides VPN, firewalls, encryption, and access controls for defense-in-depth.
  • Reliability: redundant failover between multiple carriers prevents outages if one network goes down. Load balancing prevents congestion.
    Low Power: LPWAN support like NB-IoT and LTE-M enables long battery life of up to 10 years by minimizing power draw.
  • Remote Control: The Soracom console allows you full control to manage SIMs, check status, change parameters, and secure lost devices remotely.
  • Compliance: Soracom handles regulatory compliance for each country, removing a major headache for customers and allowing faster time-to-market.

These capabilities make Soracom SIMs ideal for many IoT applications like asset tracking, environmental monitoring, smart meters, wearables, industrial IoT, and more. The benefits add up to simplified development, lower costs, and accelerated deployment.

Key Features of Soracom M2M SIM Cards

LTE-M and NB-IoT support

Soracom SIMs work on LTE-M and NB-IoT networks, which are optimized for IoT connectivity at low power consumption. This provides extended battery life for devices.

Power-saving features
In addition to efficient network support, Soracom provides features like remote sleep mode to further reduce power usage. This enables long-life IoT devices, even in remote areas.

Private APN support
Soracom can provision SIMs with a unique APN per account for more secure connectivity. Traffic rides a private tunnel to Soracom’s platform instead of the public internet.

Developer-friendly APIs
Developers can leverage Soracom’s Air Global API to easily integrate connectivity management into their platforms and IoT device firmware.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Soracom support 5G connectivity?
A: Not yet, but 4G LTE networks provide more than enough bandwidth for most IoT use cases currently. Soracom is looking to roll out 5G support when more networks become available globally.

Q: Can I switch data plans or networks dynamically?
Yes, the cloud platform allows you to change SIM profiles over the air to adjust connectivity on demand. This works for both network types and data plan changes.

Q: What authentication methods are supported?
Soracom uses standard cryptographic authentication. It supports CHAP, PAP, and GSM authentication.
Q: What are the costs involved?
Pricing is usage-based, so you only pay for the exact data and SMS used. For occasional messages, costs can be less than $0.01 per month per device. See their website for full pricing details.

In summary, Soracom M2M IoT SIM cards provide global cellular connectivity out-of-the-box for IoT devices. Their cloud-native platform simplifies deployments, reduces costs, and provides robust security. If you are building an international or low-power IoT solution, Soracom SIMs are a great choice to enable wireless machine-to-machine communication. Check out their website to learn more and get started today.

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