Why Lionel Messi Choice 30Number In PSG Ligue?


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Why Lionel Messi Choice 30Number In PSG Ligue?

In the present generation, football means the name of a love. Like love mixed with blood. Wherever he goes on the field, his name goes to gold. His name seems to float with the wind. I am talking about the Argentine footballer Lionel Messi. He spent his adolescence with football. In the same way, it is like a star of the present time.The Argentine star has been writing his name in Barcelona since childhood. The story starts from there. But this time the love relationship is broken. The contract is with the French club PSG. He will stay there for about two years. But that’s not the point. The Argentine footballer used to wear the number 10 jersey. But this time in the PSG, why did he shift from the number 10 jersey to the number 30 jersey?

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The Argentine star is not lacking in any international or domestic league. He is also the top footballer of the present time. He became the top footballer in the 2021 Copa America. At the end of the match, the star took leave from the team of 21 years of love. But in the domestic league, the number 10 jersey used to be worn on his body, this jersey will no longer be seen on his body. But why did he choose the number 30 jersey instead of the number 10 jersey?

Lionel Messi signed a two-year deal with the number 30 jersey on August 10 at French club PSG. He will receive 35 million euros per season. Which is 348 crore 32 lakh Bangladeshi Taka. He is the most expensive player at one time. Even if all the places are right, there is a stumbling block. Why did Messi choose the number 30 jersey? And according to PSG rules, neither 0 nor 30 can take any fielder. Allocated only for goal kefir.

But this time the name is like this star, so there was no hesitation to change the rules. But why did Messi choose the number 30 jersey? In response to a question from the journalists, he smiled and said, “I like 10 and 30.”

However, Brazilian star Neymar is in the number 10 jersey in PSG. Messi is reluctant to take the number 10 jersey for his friend.

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