Google new settings that’s your need to know


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Google very important settings that’s your need to know

At this we know that Google is one of the search engine in the world. Many many ago Google search engine is not popular .But as like Google many search engine available in the Technology world .there many search engine Bring…there one of the most popular and reliability search engine Google .Almost You already know about Google . But in this trick I share a Google very important settings that’s are very helpful for you .we know that when our need any help we can search Google Google help us .We don’t find any questions that’s are not appear in Google. You search any questions that’s Google answer you .It’s very helpful for us

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Now we don’t know Google very important settings that’s are cause Any steal can Access our phone .Because Google settings our all information are saved .and when we search any topic in Google Google save this search topic. Also you afraid it’s know that Google record out all Moson and all information. Our all record Google saved our gmail. When a people access your account he gave your all information and he can change you any account or password.

How to see This Settings?
You can see this settings you open Google chrome and You See Top Gmail profile you click here .there you see Password you click here and see your all information.
When you Save a password you saved data entry Your one Alert this settings. And don’t share your gmail other phone .

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